Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec 14. - Stonetown

After checkout,and a swim in the pool, I went to Stonetown which is the main city on Zanzibar. It has the narrowest, winding roads I have ever seen and a map doesn't help, I know, I got totally lost and had to ask for directions. Needless to say, if I wasn't burnt before, I certainly am now! There are lots of curio shops selling all sorts of crafts, spices, etc. I picked up 3 vanilla beans for less than 2$ and was told by my better half that I should have picked up a dozen.. Lots of very interesting huses and especially the ornate doors.
I will post all the interesting pictures on my blog when I return around the 20th.

Nov. 13 - On the road to Zanzibar

Hopped on a fast catamaran ferry to Zanzibar, the crossing took 90 minutes. It is a fairly nice and clean ferry but buying a ticket at one of the numerous kiosks can be daunting, especially when all the tour books tell you otherwise. So, I dutifully go to the right kiosk for that particular crossing only to see it closed, so off to a kiosk with no problems, go figure.
Well into hour 2 of our 90 minute journey, the island approaches. The first sight is the azure blue waters, wow!

Am staying at Mtoni Marine which is right on the beach. Unfortunately, the water isn't azure but is swimable. It does have a lovely pool and a nice sports bar, also on the beach. I had my mouth all set for ostrich but the restaurant was closed for a special function, so had fish and chips. Everything is a lot more expensive here, at least 50% more.
The next morning after my shower, I feel like a nicely done ham, well cooked and smelling like cloves from the clove soap. They don't call Zanzibar the spice island for nothing.